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Nothing But Glisten was started right after I got married. I had so much fun making everything for my wedding that I didn't want to stop. At first, I made these really cute bridal button that realistically weren't worth the time put into them. After my son was born, I decided to start stamping. I wanted something with his name on it but couldn't afford to go to a jeweler. After my friends saw mine, they wanted something too. I wanted to make things for people that they could afford all while helping me bring in an income too.

Fast forward 6 years and here we are. Etsy has been AMAZING but... its extremely saturated. So how do I stand out? Well, I still haven't figured that out yet but I have decided to try something different. I decided to bring my mom into my business. I get my creative mind from her so I know she will be able to bring something to the table. We have decided to invest in a laser printer and once we figure out how to use it, we will be able to add so much more to the shop. I've also been thinking about changing my shop name, but I'm not 100% on that yet. Lots to think about for 2019 but I'm excited to share it with you all!

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